Phone: 707.339.9133 | Email: bmcneill(at)cbsonoma(dotted)com


Homes for Dogs & Cats

  • Pets Lifeline: For the past few years I have painted dog and cat portraits of animals who are homeless and in a shelter.Upon adoption, I donate a professional print of the painting to the person who gives the animal a new home.

Community Gardens and Environmental Conservancy

  • Sonoma Ecology Center: Member of the Advisory Committee for Sonoma Garden Park. This is a public park and garden outreach to the community. Among our activities are to hold a Farmers Market on weekends, offer personal garden plots and educate adults and kids.

Wildfire Loss & Property Owner Rebuild Support

  • Due to my past experience of having lost a few structures, including my home, and having my property burn, in a previous Sonoma Wildfire, I have been able to offer my assistance to those in need now.

Education Fundraising and Business Direction

  • Church Mouse Thrift Stores: For a number of years I was on the Advisory Board of the St. Francis Solano School Church Mouse. We were responsible for the operation of 5 thrift shops which annually donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to local K-8 education.
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