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About Brenda McNeill

Art of Leisure has always been about creating, finding, and appreciating leisure in Sonoma Valley and Napa Valley, whether it be through homes, gardens, art, or animals.

Over the past year, my focus has adjusted from helping people buy and sell homes to the art of painting animals for local animal shelters in an effort to help them find their own home. This passion started a decade ago when I began painting shelter pets for Pets Lifeline, giving them visibility and assisting with them being adopted.  I recently completed my degree in Fine Arts, solidifying my foundation to pursue painting more fully.

In the past few years, I have expanded my painting practice to help animals at other shelters, as well as working with private clients to commemorate the beloved pets they dearly love and call their friends.

The Art of Leisure and all the beauty of Sonoma can be found in the spirit of animals that bring us so much joy and love. Today, I continue to use my talents to bring this leisure into our daily lives.

Brenda McNeill

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