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Art Sandwiched In Sonoma and Napa Valley

The concept of art appreciation during the week is a wonderful idea to reignite in a Leisure Lifestyle. Why not swing through an inspiring gallery or two, after enjoying a simple lunch on a weekday? Not too many people, and pure delight! Here are a few favorite galleries and small museums, plus wonderful nearby lunch spots, from St Helena to Palo Alto. Who knows, creativity is the beginning of most things, and maybe something will sparkle mid afternoon on an otherwise normal day. That would be the art of leisure!


  • Sonoma Valley Museum of Art
    • Della Santina’s Trattoria
  • Scott Nichols Gallery, Sonoma
  • The Passdoor Gallery
  • Lisa Kristine Gallery
    • Basque Boulangerie
    • La Salette

St Helena:

  • CaldwellSnyder Gallery
  • The Christopher Hill Gallery
  • Aerena Galleries
    • The Model Bakery
    • Cook St. Helena
    • W F Giugni & Son no website, 1227 Main Street, St Helena


  • Napa Valley Museum of Art
    • Bistro Jeanty

San Francisco:

  • 1275 Minnesota Street Project
    • Piccino
  • Serge Sorokko Gallery
  • CalwellSnyder Gallery
  • Maybaum Gallery
    • The Fresh Market, Neiman Marcus
    • Café de la Presse
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